It Won’t Matter

I produced and directed the above food-filled music video for Durham pop-rock peeps Schooner, and it premiered today on the Independent Weekly website. Check it out!

“It Won’t Matter” by Schooner
Filmed by Jacki Huntington, Eric Waters and Nikhil Shah
Directed and edited by Jacki Huntington
Featuring Nikhil Shah, Kyle Lacey and Josh Moore

No Dark / No Light

IT IS HERE. I was really excited to work with Lilac Shadows, a band whose sound (and line up!) has evolved so mightily since the band’s inception that their forthcoming album, No Dark/No Light, is already out of step with what they are playing now. Far from being an adverse quality, the music tows the line of a liminal dream space that is only enhanced by the band’s desire to grow, to be more and to keep changing.

I worked as director of photography and editor on this project, conceptually helmed by Lilac Shadows drummer and talented photographer Reed Benjamin. The truth of the matter is that any project that involves filming exploding glitter in slow motion is one I’m happy to be a part of. I truly believe we captured the dreamy, yet sinister, “placeless” Lynchian feel we were aiming for, and it was a pleasure to indulge in black and white filming.

The music video is parter of a larger album release effort that will include a collaborative multimedia exhibit at The Carrack, running from February 4th until February 15th. The exhibit will feature local and national artists whose work will also be featured on a short run of No Dark/No Light cassette releases. Super cool!

At Sea, On Land

If cargo ships stopped for three days, half of the world would starve. Half of the world would freeze. It’s this intriguing fact that led my friend, documentary artist Allison Swaim, to circumnavigate the globe on cargo ships and collect stories from the sailors who keep us connected to the resources that fuel our daily lives. She returned to the States with 2.5 terabytes of images, audio and text.

Back in July, I took part in a collaborative, multimedia gallery show based on Allison’s work, called Hold Capacity: Trade Route Stories, Reimagined. Nine Triangle-based artists, myself included, reinterpreted Allison’s material in a variety of ways. Interview transcripts became poems. Video became immersive installations.

In my case, themes of isolation and work became a reflective postcard series featuring regular, non-sailor folks talking about their own lives and feelings of loneliness. I sought to make the connection between exhibit subject and viewer explicit, because each of us are, in our own ways, isolated at sea. Hence, “At Sea, On Land.” The postcard format not only conjures the mystique of correspondence from a traveling friend, it also gives the project a life of its own that extends far past the tenure of the exhibit. Included here is a selection of these postcards.

The Hold Capacity exhibit lived at Downtown Durham’s wonderful Carrack gallery in August, with performances and readings punctuating its stay.






Magic Mirror Maze!

Hot off the press! Another promo for The Factory NC, featuring a new track from Holygrailers and a peak into my magical shoot at the North Carolina State Fair.

Modeled by Connie Oh
Hair/Makeup by Keely Brown
Styled by Suzy Atkinson
Shoes courtesy of Revolver Consignment Boutique, Raleigh, N.C.

Photography and Video by Jacki Huntington
Music by Holygrailers

The Factory NC

In October I shot photos for The Factory NC, an online local design marketplace for North Carolina artisans created by Suzy Atkinson. It was my first venture into fashion photography and styling, and I had such a great time! We just posted our first promo video (above) featuring music from Lilac Shadows’ upcoming album. More videos and local music tie-ins on the way, too. Below are some of my favorite shots. Take a look!

Photography and Video by Jacki Huntington
Styled by Suzy Atkinson
Modeled by Connie Oh
Hair/Makeup by Keely Brown
Green Angel dress by Diane Ness
Adornments by Feather and Stone
Shoes courtesy of Revolver Consignment Boutique, Raleigh, N.C.
Music by Lilac Shadows

Tia at NCMA

Tia at NCMA

Tia at NCMA

Tia at NCMA


Connie and the Magic Mirror Maze

Connie with carnival game

Connie at Fair





vert & vogue: fashion designer signage

These signs were created in the fall of 2011 as a marketing project at vert & vogue, an upscale boutique that specializes in environmentally sustainable and Made in USA apparel. Modeled after the Whole Foods “Meet the Farmer” in-store signage, these signs appeared around the boutique to engage customers in the stories of the fashion designers.

Illustrations, graphic design, narrative text and assembly by Jacki Huntington

Brave Leather
Culturata Ltd.


ORGANIC by John Patrick

Raleigh Denim Workshop

Steven Alan



Tucker by Gaby Basora

T0W3RS Cassingles Project

T0W3RS WYATT Cassingles Project

The band conceived of the T0W3RS Cassingles Project as a collaborative DIY art project gone guerilla and very public. With cover art by independent artists and B-sides from all of our favorite local bands, it was rightfully a mishmash of aesthetics.

We hid about 150 of these cassette tapes around downtown Raleigh during the 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival, promoted the project and tape whereabouts through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and garnered a ton of engagement from festival goers. Only one person found them all–we sent her a big prize!–but the project was a successful experiment nonetheless.

Cassette tapes are often disregarded as an obsolete and oddball medium for music, but we appreciate them for their affordability and value as art keepsakes. The sound quality? Well, it’s not so great. But that’s why they come with a digital download.

Graphic design and packaging by Jacki Huntington
Cover artwork (from top) by Clare Rosean, Mark Pieterson, Lisa Radecki, Kaci Torres, Jacki Huntington and Tim Lytvinenko
Assembly by T0W3RS

Recordings by T0W3RS, Gross Ghost, the Lollipops, Lilac Shadows, Jenny Besetzt and Toddlers

T0W3RS WYATT EP packaging

T0W3RS WYATT EP packaging

This is CD packaging for promotional copies of WYATT by T0W3RS, to be mailed to radio stations, blogs and such in anticipation of the official release on October 28, 2012. The official marketed release will look very similar to this one, with inside artwork and liner notes. The cover art is a composition of the “cassingles” pre-released and hidden around downtown Raleigh during Hopscotch Music Festival 2012.

Photography and graphic design by Jacki Huntington
Assembly by Derek Torres and Jacki Huntington